U-shaped bending process, twisting process etc.

The Natori Factory's foundation for 60 years has made it possible to realize high quality and cost reduction with press technology, even with difficult-to-process materials such as titanium and hard steel wire.

Forming process

This is a processing method that bends and twists mainly wire or plate materials, and is capable of forming materials into complex shapes.

Features of forming of hard steel and deformed wire rod

Natori's forming process for hard steel and deformed wire rods can achieve the following.

  • High tensile strength due to cold working from round bars.
  • High bending strength due to rectangular cross section (R shape).
  • High yield rate.
  • Beautiful bending and torsion processing.
  • Additional processing such as drilling, grooving, and imprinting is possible.

About the forming process

It is one of the processing methods to bend and twist mainly round bars and wire rods.
It is a processing method that can be used to create complex shapes.

Depending on the shape, cost reduction can be expected without the need for a special die.

Comparison with press work

The forming process eliminates the need to manufacture special dies, resulting in cost reduction. As with stamping, mass production is possible.

It is also possible to produce products with shapes that cannot be produced by press forming. A finishing process may be required.

Pressing requires a dedicated die (depending on the shape, a general-purpose die can be used). (Depending on the shape, a general-purpose die can be used.) It can produce a beautiful appearance while maintaining accuracy, but the shape is limited.

Hard steel wire forming products

Busbar forming products

Product name: Busber, Japanese name: Busbar, Copper bar, Earth bar Material: Copper C1011, Aluminum A6061

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Available hard steel and deformed wire rods

JIS G 3521 Material code for hard steel wire

Stiff Steel Wire Type A (SW-A), Stiff Steel Wire Type B (SW-B), Stiff Steel Wire Type C (SW-C)

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