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Interview with Professor Hiroaki Kamiaki of Japan Titanium Association Consultant with Natori

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Natori asked about the titanium about Titanium Association, Mr. Hiroaki Kotaki of Titanium Consultant.

Theme: "Titanium Reachable"

Today, I will talk to Mr. Hiroaki Kotaki of Titanium Consultant, disturbing the Japan Titanium Association.
Mr. Kamiaki, thank you.

【Natori】 As a new product, our company has processed line of titanium and titanium alloys. Titanium is a difficult processing material, but it has a luxurious feeling, and it has excellent characteristics such as rusty, strong and light.
I would like many people to know the wonderfulness of such titanium, but would you first tell us about the future potential and possibilities of titanium material?

【Professor Kamiya】 Titanium as a metal is very young metal compared with other metals such as iron and copper. There are so many possibilities, and new properties are found one after another.
The future and possibilities of metallic titanium are very high. In addition, titanium is the fourth largest among the metals on the earth, and abundant existence is also a promising future.

【Natori】 I see. It is surprising that new properties are found one after another. Among such new discoveries, what is the sharpest attention stock?

[Prof. Mr. Kamiaki] Many properties were discovered in addition to the characteristics of titanium that was previously given as rust-free, strong and light properties. For example, environmental properties that are relevant to the human body and the living environment have good affinity with the human body and are suitable for artificial bones, artificial joints and artificial dental roots.
It has low coefficient of thermal expansion and is suitable for roof and large glass window frame. , Galvanic corrosion (electric corrosion) does not occur when it comes into contact with CFRP. A beautiful oxide film is formed, coloring can be achieved without using paint. And so on. New characteristics are being discovered one after another.

【Natori】 In addition to that, I heard that 100% recycling is possible as environmental characteristics.

Mr. Kamiaki: That's right. Let's compare, for example, with plastic and vinyl we are using conveniently. Plastic and vinyl that are no longer needed are burnt or buried except for some. If it burns it generates harmful gas and global warming gas. It is difficult to secure a garbage disposal site because it will not rot even if you fill it.
Plastics and vinyl etc. are struggling to develop recycling. Titanium can be melted again and used as metallic titanium. You can reuse scrap and use it many times. It is like a sample of recycling. It is a metal that is friendly to the global environment without generating harmful gases by burning or securing garbage dumping sites.

【Natori】 Besides that, titanium itself was sandwiched between small ears when it acted to purify the environment. Could you elaborate on the details there?

【Professor Kamiaki】 When light strikes the oxide film of titanium itself, it acts to purify the environment. This is called photocatalytic action. It kills bacteria and decomposes dirt.
It is used as a barrier to high-speed roads and tunnels for cleaning medical facilities and dirt. The photocatalytic action of titanium is also one of the newly found characteristics, and it is expected that the application will be expanded from now on.

【Natori】 Also, I heard that titanium is hardly affected by the magnetic field. Specifically, what are the merits?

[Prof. Mr. Kamiaki] One characteristic of titanium is nonmagnetic. It is also said to be paramagnetic. The topic of high speed train Linear motor car and MRI used for examination at hospital use extremely strong magnetic force.
If you use iron, you will become a magnet as well. Aluminum or titanium which is not a magnet in a place with strong magnetic force is suitable because it is troubled by this. Since aluminum is lower in strength than titanium, titanium is suitable where strength is required.

【Natori】 It is very meaningful to spread such a wonderful titanium to the world? We would like to know the wonderfulness of titanium and let many people know its goodness.
Our core technology is press molding, especially bending, but this can reduce the amount of material used and the processing time in a staggering manner as compared with the case of only cutting.
In combination with welding and others, we will make choice of "made of titanium" casual and want to make titanium more familiar. I want to play a part of it.

[Prof. Kamiaki] In order to make a metal material a thing, I will make the shape in the end. There are various ways to make shapes. For example, it is important to apply it by bending it with a molding press, cutting with a cutting tool, or sticking by welding, so it is advantageous to make use of it.
That is processing technology. Since titanium has a short history, development of processing technology is delayed compared to iron and the like. As the development of titanium processing technology progresses, the application of titanium will expand greatly. You will be relying on customers.

【Natori】 I see. We also refine not only bending but also cutting and welding techniques, we will combine it and become a company relying on our customers. In combination with various characteristics of titanium, I want to offer various pleasure to various customers.

【Professor Kamiaki】 Titanium has been used for practical use only for about 60 years. Iron has been put into practical use since 4000 years ago and copper has been in practical use for 6000 years, but development of titanium properties and processing technology is coming. From now on, development will proceed and many new titanium applications will be expanded.

【Natori】 Titanium has a high impression when looking at initial cost only, but if you develop a processing method as you have heard today, the cost will go down. Also, I would like to help many people know that if various characteristics like the topics are added as added value, it actually has a value far exceeding the cost.
I would like to know that titanium is not a high-flower flower, but a handy one. Teacher, thank you for teaching me today. Thank you in the future.

To you who thought that I would like to make it with titanium

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