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Three-dimensional bending in press processing, special in titanium forming Natori Manufacturing Division Please contact us if it is titanium press.

2019/12 Received the 13th Hokiichi Hanawa Contribution Award.
The 13th Hokiichi Hanawa Award Contribution Award
The 13th Hokiichi Hanawa Award Contribution Award
The 13th Hokiichi Hanawa Award Contribution Award 2

2019/09 It was introduced in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun as "Sports prosthesis lightweighting-Natori Seisakusho, contribution with titanium".

2019/08 TV Saitama, Saitama Business Watch Watch Report was introduced as "support para-athletes-Natori Manufacturing".
Supporting Para Athletes ~ Natori Manufacturing ~

2019/08 It was introduced in the Imperial News Saitama version as an "interview for regional future leaders".

2019/07 It was introduced in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun as "Slight visit / Entering the Natori Seisakusho artificial leg market".

2019/05 It was introduced in the Nikkei Newspaper as "Natori Seisakusho, Metalworking Technology"

2019/03 The company was introduced on the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry's regular press.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry website screenshot

2019/01 In December last year, it was selected as a regional future traction company by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Regional Future Leader (METI / METI)

2018/08 Natori's mission
Natori's mission

I made a sponsorship agreement with Atsushi Yamamoto who changed to 2017/12 pro. Natori Manufacturing will gather and support technologies so that Yamamoto will be able to do its utmost.
Atsushi Yamamoto Official website
Atsushi Yamamoto

2017/09 Yamamoto, who is using our sports adapter, won the silver medal with London Para land run jump. congratulations!

2017/03 In March 1929, it was selected as the " Small and medium-sized enterprises / 300 small businesses
" by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry .

2017/01 The Natori factory was featured in AIST's information magazine "LINK".

2016/12 The Natori Manufacturing Division was featured in the information magazine "TIRI NEWS" of Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center.

Congratulations on winning the silver medal for Yamamoto at the Rio Paralympic Games Men's Long Jump. <I had you use a sports adapter>

Congratulations, 2016/09 Rio Paralympic Games men's 400m relay bronze medal won. <Three people's prostheses used Natori parts>

2016/09 An article on artificial limb parts for competition was posted in the industrial newspaper.

2016/08 Discover Japan September issue A sports adapter was posted on the heritage and innovation of the Olympic Games.

2016/06 We opened a Gulf Coast within Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center (TIRI).

2016/05 Yamamoto athletes, supported by sports prostheses at Natori Works, won the world record with 6 m 56 cm in long jump.

2016/01 The Asahi Shimbun picked up the Natori factory. The Asahi Shimbun Saitama edition "Saito - Kyon Athlete Olympic Sportswear Olympics - Paralympic Games" supported the Natori Manufacturing Division.

Yamamoto athletes who supported the sports prosthesis by Natori Manufacturing Co. won the gold medal with a long jump in the world!

2012/10 At the London Paralympics, para-cycling Fujita won the bronze medal! We used the titanium alloy made by our company at the actual bronze medal race.

  • Company Profile

    With experience cultivated in our foundation 60 years, we are consistently doing not only mass-production presses but also prototyping by pressing and designing and manufacturing of molds throughout our company. Please see the press technology of Natori Manufacturing Co., which can realize efficiency improvement.

  • Press technology

    We manufacture pressed hard wire, arm piece (wiper arm part) from irregular shape wire. It is a product combining three-dimensional bending with press, bending and twisting press technology.

  • Sports prostheses

    At the Natori Manufacturing Division, we are helping you make sports prostheses. It would be greatly appreciated if you support players with technology, helping people with disabilities live with their dreams.

  • We will
    help Titanization

    Titanium is one of the processing materials that Natori Manufacturing is good at.
    While pursuing a variety of charm and performance of titanium, we are pursuing a priceless method while upgrading.

Company Profile

Under the corporate philosophy of "Wa", "Creation", "Effort", we will strive to further develop the technology development with the aim of becoming a company that can contribute to society through manufacturing and cherishing the connection between people and people . For 60 years since our foundation, we have been selected by our customers to deepen press processing. In order to continue being selected, Natori Manufacturing takes care of thinking and thinking. Emphasis has been placed on human resource development such as support for employee qualification acquisition, and we have acquired ISO 9001 & 14001 certification. Natori Manufacturing Facility Exterior About company guidance

Press technology

Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is consistently working not only in mass production presses but also through prototyping by pressing and designing and manufacturing of molds in-house.
In the know-how that we cultivated in our 60 years of business, we realized efficiency by using press technology that enables U-shaped bending and torsion bending even for difficult-to-process materials such as titanium and molds with optimal production line and optimum structure It is.
Please see Natori's technology which realizes "multi-product small volume production", "shortened lead time", "labor saving". Cold pressing About press technology

Sports prostheses

Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactures sports adapters etc. used for sports prostheses. We will assist you so that players can record early even in one second. For details , please check the Sports Adapter page. Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been working on sports prosthetic limbs, prosthetic limbs, prosthetic hands, so as to support leading technicians and to support those who need Fujita Seiji, Atsushi Yamamoto, prostheses, prosthetic limbs, prosthetic hands I will. Seiki Fujita who won the London Paralympic Bronze medal About Sports Prosthesis

About Titanation

We are offering titanium products that satisfy our customers by offering precision machining such as 5-axis machining centers and 3D measuring machines guaranteeing quality.
In the 2012 Paralympics of 2012, we made titanium sports prostheses made full use of our titanium processing technology, Seiki Fujita who won the competition won a brilliant bronze medal. Please check the

list of achievements of titanium products from here. Seiki Fujita who won the London Paralympic Bronze medal About Titanation

Product performance

We manufacture various kinds of automobile parts etc. from hard steel wire, stainless steel material and many other materials.
We also design and manufacture jigs and tools. We manufacture original jigs and tools in order to produce various kinds of parts, aiming for efficiency. In addition, we have established a production line, we respond to customer's request through press technology and latest equipment.
We can also use titanium processing and titaniumization from other materials, so please consult us. Product achievement image About product results

Equipment introduction

At the Natori Manufacturing Division, we are equipped with press machining of difficult-to-work materials, facilities that are good at cutting, and CNC three-dimensional measuring machines that guarantee strict quality. In addition, cooperative factories are receiving responses such as surface treatment and consistent production is possible. In addition, it has six articulated robots and it has application power that can correspond to a wide variety of lines.
If necessary, we have customized facilities at our company, and facilities that keeps track of high quality and cost reduction are here.
3-dimensional measuring devices About equipment introduction

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