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Sales of sports adapters

It is a sports adapter which Natori Manufacturing Sale is selling.
We will care from performance to usage. Also, we accept custom made.
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Sports adapter for femor amputee. We have secured the length so that the knee position can be set forward so that even people with short skeleton can run easily while there are many products made in foreign countries. Also, in order to easily reproduce the position even after removal, we added a millimeter reproduction mechanism. Reduced waste, lightweight model.

Material: Ultra duralumin A 7075
simple substance weight: 385 g


Sports adapter for lower leg amputee. From AK - FB - 01, we secured the length so that the knee position can be moved forward. The position reproduction mechanism in millimeters is the same as AK-FB-01.

Material: Ultra duralumin A 7075
simplex weight: 645 g


Added model of vertical adjustment mechanism to AK-FB-01 for femor amputee. Even if the optimum height is still unknown, it is possible to try it steplessly. The length and the position reproduction mechanism in the front and back direction are the same. After finding the optimum position in the height direction, it is possible to remove the parts and attach it directly to the leaf spring to reduce weight.

Material: Ultra duralumin A 7075 Combination
Weight: 480 g


A vertical adjustment mechanism was added to the sports adapter for the lower leg amputee. Stepless adjustment is possible in the vertical direction. A shape that increased strength to withstand athletes' hard youth.

Material: Ultra duralumin A 7075 Combination
Weight: 422 g


For top-level athlete. It is a model that made high strength and light weight compatible at high level. We will manufacture it with custom made to those whose position and angle with the foot etc. are clear.

Material: Ultra duralumin A 7075 simple substance weight: 236 g


High-end model to respond to the high level demand of paralympian. In the limited space, we are designed to maximize the performance of leaf springs. In order to further pursue high strength and weight reduction, we used Ti - 6Al - 4V, which boasts the strongest specific strength among practical metals. It is a model that contributes to winning medals.

Material: Titanium alloy Ti - 6Al - 4V
Unit weight: 314 g


YS - 02, a model that significantly reduced weight while maintaining strength. We took full advantage of techniques such as strength analysis, we reduced the weight to less than half 153 g. It stepped into the feeling of the medalist, it is a super high-end model.

Material: Titanium alloy Ti - 6Al - 4V
Unit weight: 153 g


Adapter that assists in adjusting the player's power to a vector that is better for flying higher and farther. The product of the photograph is made of Ultra Duralumin A 7075, but it can also be made with Titanium alloy etc. It is a model that transforms the power of one 's body to leap without fail.

Weight, etc. will change greatly depending on the players.


It is a fingernip that aims to support the body at the time of crowning start. I will also take the role of balancing the body after starting.

Material: Ultra duralumin A 7075
simple substance weight: 72 g

Order of Sports Adapter, Inquiries

Both models demonstrate their performance in collaboration with other parts. We recommend that you use it under the advice of prosthetic orthotist.

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